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How to Play

So, you wanna play Ultimate Shuffleboard? First thing, you need to have some friends to play with (at least one more person). Both people need to have the app installed on their phones. timor-leste . Got that? Then…

Everyone should open the app. For best results, make sure you’ve turned on Bluetooth.

Next, one person needs to start the game by tapping Host Game. Choose your scoring mode and target score, then tap Play.

At that point, everyone else who wants to play should select Join Game. The host will see all the joining devices, and be able to arrange the gameboard with each device set to a specific position.

Lay your phones (or iPads or iPods) down on a table, head to tail, in the order they are arranged on the host’s screen.

Tap Start Game to get started. From there, it’s just like a regular game of shuffleboard. web security Choose teams (red or blue) and take turns sliding pucks across the board.

Connect with your friends for the
ultimate shuffleboard experience

Ultimate Shuffleboard brings the classic tabletop experience to your iOS devices. Start your game by connecting 2+ devices over WiFi or Bluetooth, then unleash your wicked shuffleboard skills! This is the perfect game for family night, happy hour, or just hanging out with friends.

Two phones playing Ultimate Shuffleboard

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If you are having problems, please contact us on Twitter @shuffleboardapp or at

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Got Apps?

Ultimate Shuffleboard was created by Peak Systems, a full service interactive firm based in Seattle, WA. Our talented team helps our customers transform their app ideas into well-designed, user-friendly applications. By working with our customers to fully understand their requirements and goals, we build custom solutions that fulfill their specific criteria.

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