Great expectations

Posted by Nick

Hanging out after work at a venue with a table-top shuffleboard in the back, I noticed we really enjoyed each other’s company when we were doing something competitive – a game, namely. As the evening moved on and we changed venues, the lack of a shuffleboard table gave room to conversation about politics, local events and other interesting discussions – but not quite the same amount of fun as we had when playing shuffleboard. Our smartphones, congregated in a pile in the middle of the table, were almost begging for attention. Then it hit me: include all of these devices in a game of shuffleboard – as the board.

Almost too often there’s someone in a group who’s buried in their phone:¬†Facebook, text messages, twitter – the need to be connected to everyone (who’s not with you) is unsettling to some folks, so let’s be inclusive, get everyone involved and don’t force anyone to play by themselves. And so Ultimate Shuffleboard started becoming a reality.

It’s been a few long months putting together the finer pieces, ensuring device connectivity and getting the look and feel just right so you can have a fun shuffleboard experience. Probably the coolest piece is the ability to play together. We’ve been testing the application over the last few weeks and often forget we’re supposed to be working and not having so much fun.

We’re getting down to those last couple of moments just before handing the app off for Apple’s review. Very, very¬†exciting time!